Wedding Post #1

Wedding planning is almost like a part time job, but if you are a DIY bride it’s more of a full time gig. I’m so glad I gave myself 3 years to plan my wedding. Even thou I got some back lash for booking vendors “crazy early” and waiting an “unnecessary” time to tie the knot. There is just so much that goes into planning the perfect wedding from the big details to the little details. I don’t want my wedding to be cookie cutter I want it to be personal and reflect who me and my Fiancé are. That is what is important to me and I need the time to get it all together. Lucky for me the way I consider myself and fiancé’s style is a big trend right now. Yes it’s rustic\country. Not rustic hillbilly but rustic chic. As I said lucky for me rustic is such a big trend in weddings right now so it’s super easy to find decorations and DIY projects! Maybe being a part of the rustic trend isn’t such a bad idea after all!

I’m a year and a half away from my wedding and I have no regrets with planning in a 3 year span. I have my venue, photographer, caterer, and DJ already booked and I’m still over 500 days from the big day. I’m winning at planning (LOL). It was a wise decision, because I booked my venue in January of 2016 and it was already booked through most of 2017. Thankfully I wanted my wedding in 2018 and they had the date I wanted available! It’s a beautiful white barn venue. The inside has a main floor and a loft and its mostly dark wood with crystal chandlers. It’s just breath taking.

I was originally going to have my wedding at my barn. My barn of course isn’t large enough to host 200 people, so I was going to put a tent up for the reception. After thinking about it for a while I thought it would be even more stressful doing that. To get to the barn the guests would have to drive thru a grassy area, but that particular spot gets muddy after rain fall so I can just see people getting stuck in their cars without 4X4 .. so that kind of steered me away from doing that ordeal, but I really would of enjoyed my horses being at the wedding!

I already booked my caterer for the wedding but in about 2 weeks we get to taste the entrees and sides! We are having a pig roast with grilled chicken and some sides for the meal. The sides are still being decided on but hopefully we will get that picked out in 2 weeks or so. The photographer we booked is amazing! They are a young married couple that has an extremely unique style. They use more of a “dark tone” style and less of a “light and airy” style, but the photos look so romantic and gorgerous and I can’t get enough of their photos! I really wanted my photos to stand out and I hit the jack pot with these guys. The DJ is going to be so much fun, I can’t wait. They are a father son duo and are so down to earth! I can’t wait to work with them. I am honestly super excited with the vendors I chose, they are all so unique and great.

I can’t wait to share my experiences during the rest of my planning journey and just anything worth writing about in my life.

555 more days to go till the big day!!! Happy planning everyone!


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