Bridesmaid Proposal

Bridesmaid Proposal – asking a close family member/friend to be in your wedding.

This is not necessary and not a replacement for bridesmaids gifts but I personally love the idea!

I got engaged to my soon to be hubby on Dec 25, 2015 we set our wedding date in January of 2016 for October 20, 2018. So yeah I had a while till the big day and didn’t want to choose my girls right away, which I’m glad I didn’t. At the time when I got engaged I was trying to rekindle a friendship with an old friend, we had some bad blood between us, but it was working out at that moment. I was actually thinking of having her as a bridesmaid due to our long past. Thank goodness I waited because that friendship went back up into flames………again.

So fast forward to January of this year I decided I was ready to let my girls know they are ‘officially’ in my wedding!  I decided I wanted to do a cute proposal, even with 7 bridesmaids I was going to make it happen!

So I have two types of girls

– the ones who drink

– the ones who do not drink

I decided to make two different boxes based on what type the girl was. There wasn’t much difference to the proposals except for one thing…. alcohol.

I first ordered these cute key chains off of Etsy. The key chains had a heart charm, a pink stone to resemble the month of October and another charm that said bridesmaid/maid of honor on it. I also got one for myself that said bride 🙂 I wanted to match my girls!

Then I got cookies made.  Some of the cookies were in a dress shape, they were iced in navy blue icing to reflect my colors. The cookies then had bridesmaid or maid of honor written on it. I also got ring cookies made, and those extra cookies were given to the girls that do not drink.

 The girls that do drink got a small bottle of champagne!  They better pop the bubbly because I’m getting a hubby ya know! 😉

I put these items into a cute box, filled the empty space with the craft crinkle paper in navy blue. The key chains came with a cute small box, so I put those in the small box. Set that in the middle of the bigger box and placed a card on it saying ‘Will you be my bridesmaid/maid of honor’. Then the cookies and/or champagne went on each side. I closed the box up and tied it shut with navy blue ribbon.

The reaction I got from my girls was so great! They were not expecting it and really appreciated the proposal. It was a great kick off to the beginning of wedding planning with my maids and I’m glad I did it.

I forgot to take a good picture of the proposal gift buttttt I do have a picture of the cookies and a key chain!img_6777.pngIMG_6904