Bridesmaid Proposal

Bridesmaid Proposal – asking a close family member/friend to be in your wedding.

This is not necessary and not a replacement for bridesmaids gifts but I personally love the idea!

I got engaged to my soon to be hubby on Dec 25, 2015 we set our wedding date in January of 2016 for October 20, 2018. So yeah I had a while till the big day and didn’t want to choose my girls right away, which I’m glad I didn’t. At the time when I got engaged I was trying to rekindle a friendship with an old friend, we had some bad blood between us, but it was working out at that moment. I was actually thinking of having her as a bridesmaid due to our long past. Thank goodness I waited because that friendship went back up into flames………again.

So fast forward to January of this year I decided I was ready to let my girls know they are ‘officially’ in my wedding!  I decided I wanted to do a cute proposal, even with 7 bridesmaids I was going to make it happen!

So I have two types of girls

– the ones who drink

– the ones who do not drink

I decided to make two different boxes based on what type the girl was. There wasn’t much difference to the proposals except for one thing…. alcohol.

I first ordered these cute key chains off of Etsy. The key chains had a heart charm, a pink stone to resemble the month of October and another charm that said bridesmaid/maid of honor on it. I also got one for myself that said bride 🙂 I wanted to match my girls!

Then I got cookies made.  Some of the cookies were in a dress shape, they were iced in navy blue icing to reflect my colors. The cookies then had bridesmaid or maid of honor written on it. I also got ring cookies made, and those extra cookies were given to the girls that do not drink.

 The girls that do drink got a small bottle of champagne!  They better pop the bubbly because I’m getting a hubby ya know! 😉

I put these items into a cute box, filled the empty space with the craft crinkle paper in navy blue. The key chains came with a cute small box, so I put those in the small box. Set that in the middle of the bigger box and placed a card on it saying ‘Will you be my bridesmaid/maid of honor’. Then the cookies and/or champagne went on each side. I closed the box up and tied it shut with navy blue ribbon.

The reaction I got from my girls was so great! They were not expecting it and really appreciated the proposal. It was a great kick off to the beginning of wedding planning with my maids and I’m glad I did it.

I forgot to take a good picture of the proposal gift buttttt I do have a picture of the cookies and a key chain!img_6777.pngIMG_6904


Wedding Colors

How do brides pick wedding colors?

‘Brides to be’ can pick wedding colors from multiple different reasons.. yes multiple! It may not be as cookie cutter as you may think. For me it was quite easy, but I’m on many wedding Facebook groups and I’ve seen many brides having a hard time picking their colors!

I just selected my favorite colors and used them, it was simple and they matched perfectly together. My colors are ….. *drum roll* please… blue and yellow. It’s a plus since those colors work really well with my favorite flower which is no other than a sunflower, which will be the main flower for my wedding.

So how do other brides pick wedding colors?

As I mention above some brides just pick their favorite colors or use their fiancés favorite colors,,, or even a combination of both. This to me just seems like the most simple way to pick wedding colors but of course everyone is different.

Some brides use colors based on the theme of the wedding. Which I think is pretty self explanatory on how that works, example beach wedding – blues, tans, and bright colors , A woodland wedding – greens, browns, and an accent color  , Pretty in Pink – Just a lot of pinks. I think you get the drift, but I think it’s pretty cool choosing a theme and using colors to bring the theme to life.

Picking colors based on the season is another way for brides. Rather it’s autumn, winter, spring or summer there is always colors that go better with that season. Autumn I see more orange, brown, and gold colors. Winter are dark colors… black, dark red, and charcoal. Spring colors are pastel colors such as peach,  teal, and lavender. Then finally summer are more bright colors… bright red, yellow, salmon, and coral. This could be a really fun way to figure out colors.

Brides can get inspiration from the venue. The venue may already have strong hues the brides will have to work with, I’m personally glad my venue is all dark wood and is basically a blank slate!

There are many more ways on choosing colors but I just went over a few. But as you can see there really are multiple ways for choosing wedding colors and it may be more complicated then you thought.

Here’s a picture that reflects my wedding colors! I love it! b692fc9ed7c3f1e2885bbd1258344d1b